May 1, 2021. Wellesley College Art Department (online).

The panel brings focus to decolonial discourse through the power of art and practices at the intersection of three often separately considered regions: Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. At the crossroads of diverging languages, current decolonial efforts point towards exciting trajectories, on the path from delinking structural national narratives to speculative fiction.

Conversation with Erzen Shkololli

Apr 25, 2018, The Arts Club of Chicago

Erzen Shkololli, Director of the National Gallery of Arts in Albania, will join Chicago-based art historian and curator Magdalena Moskalewicz to discuss contemporary art from the Balkans during the current political crisis.

In 2013, Kosovo participated for the first time in the Venice Biennale, with Erzen Shkololli serving as the exhibition commissioner. Kosovo’s inclusion was groundbreaking, and scholars from around the world have praised Shkololli’s prescient choice of contemporary Kosovar artists who have now been launched onto an international stage.