Nov 17, 2020. ONLINE.

Episode 24 in the livestreamed series of conversations between the contemporary music ensemble Yarn/Wire and guests.

“Feedback” arises out the uncertainty that currently exists for performers and presenters about the state of artistic programming and educational activities during the COVID crisis in the United States. In order to address this in a constructive way that will have impact beyond the virus, Yarn/Wire has decided to produce our own online web series that is centered on the process of making new music.

With “Feedback”, we hope to offer some unique answers to the question: “What is creative music?”. For Yarn/Wire, it is a relationship between musicians, composers, artists, coupled with a dedication to making work that is meaningful, challenging, impactful, varied, and relevant. The future is always full of change, and for now Yarn/Wire is thrilled to have this forum in which to celebrate an ever-changing body of work created to date while discovering ever varied paths to follow in the future. 

We will be producing around 50 live video interviews with composers, musicians, and Y/W members covering a wide ranging set of topics, including our repertoire built over the past 15 years, as well as new works in progress. Feedback takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays through 2020, and on Thursdays only beginning in January 2021.

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