Nov 22, 2013,  Official collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale

Discussion panel with Dr. Magda Cârneci (National University of the Arts Bucharest, Romania), Dr. Magdalena Moskalewicz (Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA), Daria Ghiu (Swiss Institute for Art research, SIK-ISEA), moderated by Jörg Scheller, curator of the Salon Suisse

Download the brochure with complete Salon Suisse 2013 program here.

Art has undergone tremendous changes in the 20th and 21st century and with it, art criticism. In particular, contemporary art is enmeshed in a dense net of tourism, research, financial speculation, etc. Therefore it is doubtful if art criticism in a narrow sense still exists at all. How should art critics approach “Internet memes” or “mashups” which often surpass museum or gallery art with regard to cunning? Does the term “originality” make sense in an era of “re-creativity” in which remixes and cut-and-paste-mentality have gained momentum? And how should art critics deal with “research projects” carried out by artists that are neither scientists nor traditional aesthetes?

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