“Sztuka antyestetyczna? W poszukiwaniu estetycznego elementu sztuki konceptualnej” (Anti-aesthetic art? In search of conceptual art’s aesthetic qualities). In Konteksty Sztuki—Konteksty Estetyki (Artistic Contexts—Aesthetic Contexts), edited by Krystyna Wilkoszewska and Anna Zeidler-Janiszewska. Łódź 2011, pp. 359-368. 

Available for download here. (In Polish only.)

From Marcel Duchamp to Joseph Kosuth on the one hand, and from Immanuel Kant to Hal Foster on the other, the essay traces various understandings of the “aesthetic” and “athi-easthetic” in both art and philosophy in order to prove that conceptual art cannot be seen as the fulfillment of numerous artists’ desires to create art that would be completely deprived of aesthetics.

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