Die Armory Show 1913. Marcel Duchamp und die Explosion in einer Schindelfabrik = Armory Show 1913. Marcel Duchamp i Eksplozja w Fabryce Gontów.” In 1913 Frühlingsweihe = 1913 Święto Wiosny, edited by Szymon Kubiak and Daniel Kacprzak. Szczecin: Muzeum Narodowe, 2013, pp. 44-61. 

Download the full essay (in German and Polish) here.

The essay focuses on the year 1913 in New York and analyzes in detail the famous Armory Show as a groundbreaking moment for the reception of European modern art in the US. The story of the organization, reception and long-term legacy of The International Exhibition of Modern Art, that came to be remembered as Armory Show, is told here through the lens of its impact on the pre-existing structures of the New York art world of the time. The underlying thread of this case study is Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending the Staircase no.2 – the most (in)famous artwork of the show – that exemplifies the difficulties that the New Yorkers initially experienced with receiving European modern art.

Included in the book published on the occasion of the National Museum in Szczecin’s centennial anniversary (2013) that celebrated the year 1913 as the international “spring” of artistic modernism.

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